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Monday May 22, 2023

Sam Feeney is a career coach and business consultant. We talk thriving in life generally and career specifically. This includes learning about career motivation and satisfaction. I was thankful for some of his surprising insights in this area.
0:00 - Intro and Sam’s own career journey
9:34 - We’ve been thinking about career choice all wrong
22:14 - Sam’s first book project, Why Aren’t You Thriving?
29:57 - A day in Sam’s life, and getting closer to the zone of genius
34:06 - How a young person should think about their career choice
41:19 - How to increase career satisfaction in your current job
47:52 - How employers can use this information to increase engagement and retention

Monday May 15, 2023

Gatlin Johnson is an account manager at Workstep. He shares his career journey and insights he's learned in the first ten years in the workforce. Plus, we're friends so we have a ton of fun.
0:00 - Gatlin’s career story so far 
10:04 - How much planning goes into starting a new business?
18:09 - Gatlin’s job and difference between it and entrepreneurship
24:35 - A day in the life in account management
27:36 - Solving problems and tips for new entrepreneurs
38:02 - Problems facing workstep and the supply chain industry, and generational and personality differences with work
43:28 - Rapid fire questions and ending

Monday May 08, 2023

Eric Carriere runs a successful marketing company serving B2B SaaS companies with content and copy. We talk about moving from solopreneur to running a team, content and copywriting, and what’s going on with the industry.
0:00 - Eric’s business TheWriteOn
2:46 - How to maintain longevity in online business, niches, networking, and referrals
14:28 - How to scale up from solopreneur to agency in content and copy
20:58 - What we would do if we could have a do-over
24:06 - The different pricing models and how to choose
28:52 - What makes a good freelance writer? What makes a good agency operator?
37:48 - ChatGPT and opportunities for new writers
43:39 - Job board websites and beginning freelancing

Tuesday May 02, 2023

Paul Edwards is a ghostwriter and publisher. I sit down with him to talk about his career journey, the future of publishing, and a few topical questions like artificial intelligence and getting started as a writer and entrepreneur.

Tuesday Apr 25, 2023

Nick Pavlidis runs two successful ghostwriting businesses. I sit down to talk with him about how he got his start, why he chose ghostwriting as a lifestyle business, and a couple of hot-button topics like artificial intelligence.


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